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Porter Square Hotel

Construction is complete for the 65-room Porter Square Hotel on the site previously occupied by the Kaya restaurant except for trees and plantings in the park behind it, which are awaiting Spring. The restaurant is still looking for an executive chef; it's been hard to find help at all levels. Although they are still hoping, the restaurant probably won't open until May, if then.


  • Curtis Butcher, General Manager, Porter Square Hotel
  • Kevin Sheehan, Director of Operations for both hotels, 617-495-0125,

Operational questions should be addressed to Kevin.

Attached are pointers to various documents including the original architect's architect's web page, the original special permit, a later amended permit, drawings for the amended permit, scanned copy of the handouts presented at the 12/9/2015 neighborhood forum, and the March 8 2016 Planning Board review materials.

Porter Square Hotel
1924 Massachusetts Avenue
02140 Cambridge , MA