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"The Rand"


Jeff Hirsch
Urban Spaces LLC
617-868-5558 x112

Skip Rose, construction manager and project supervisor

This new mixed use building at 1971 Massachusetts Avenue replaces the previous Slate building with three ground level retail spaces, nineteen residential units on three upper floors, and an attached single family residence in the rear. The rental units were pre-built in Maine, delivered by truck, and hoisted into place. The retail space is conventional steel framing.

Time Line:

March 2017 - residential units almost all sold, residents moving in soon
October 18, 2016 - Single family house (5 Allen St) modules lifted into place
April 13-16, 2016 - Modules lifted into place
March 2016 - first floor steel complete
May 2015 - two old gasoline? tanks discovered
April 24, 2015 - Demolition started
September 24, 2013 - Large Project Review